UPDATE: 3/1/23

Hey all, been a very busy start to the new year. Made multiple trips from South to North to get the remote shop moved back home. Good news is all the equipment is moved! Been working between road trips to get the shop set back up for barrel production. Getting the fab shop organized to make room for the updated machine shop….. thanks for all the patience!

We will update the website when we open back up and keep you all posted.

Please send all inquiries to tim@thearguy.com.

God Bless

Email: tim@thearguy.com     Not taking orders at this time

Phone: 231-233-0839  call 7pm-10pm weekdays  or  9am – 9pm on weekends. If you call during the weekday, please leave a msg or I won’t know what calls are real and need to be returned. My phone plan isn’t the greatest and am constantly getting dropped  or calls days or weeks after they take place.

Got two calls from users saying the Pmag conversions not feeding well. My new mags are having the same issue so we are digging into that. Don’t know if they changed something or not but not having a reliable mag doesn’t work well. Had a customer just sent a video and his pmag setup works great…. something is going on and we’ll dig into it as soon as I can get this road work done in March.

If you have a special project we would be honored to confidentially assist in any way that we can and have NDA’s ready.

Welcome to the REVARLUTION!

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