First off, Its been crazy and thanks to all of you that have been patient and working with us.!

For those with orders, the new shop is running and we are working off the back log. We are extremely busy with other work, but now able to devote more time here to get your parts out.

Don’t call the old shop phone, I’m not there. Please use tim@thearguy.com for a record of your order. Try our new mobile line: 231-233-0839   I don’t know how its going to work because I have limited access most times, but give it a try.

We are working on an Order / Build Sheet for the website so you can detail your build and then start the tracking process from there. I’m hoping it will be real time, but….

Background: We were traveling to gun shows and quickly got tagged as “hey, its the AR guy!” so it made sense to use it and The AR Guy.Com was created

We are working on getting some changes done at the shop to stock up on the 22 TCM barrels and hope to have that set up within the next…… Its going to be a big investment, still working on details.

Magazine Adapters: Old School: I have not made any more adapters in a while. We are tweaking our new mags and hope to have the out soon for two different sizes: 1.38 and 1.69. Beta testing is moving forward,

Our latest project is an AR Glock lower with a DI TCM upper……..

If you have a special project we would be honored to confidentially assist in any way that we can.

Welcome to the REVARLUTION!

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