Labor Day has passed and Halloween costumes are out….  As some of you know, I work on the road all the time and email is the best way to contact me.

Email: tim@thearguy.com      Phone: 231-233-0839  call 7pm-10pm weekdays  or             9am – 9pm on weekends. If you call during the weekday, please leave a msg or I won’t know what calls are real and need to be returned.

The new, new shop is running. Got everything moved again over New Years.  We are extremely busy with other work, but now able to devote more time here to get your parts out.

We are working on an Order / Build Sheet for the website so you can detail your build and

Magazine Adapters: Old School: I have not made any more Tokarev adapters in a while and do not have any in stock.

We are still tweaking our new mags and testing different sizes: 1.28,  1.38, 1.50,  and 1.69 lengths. We are building 50  mags as they are working well for the M1Carbine, 357 ARmag, and 10mm Mag. Testing is ongoing for the SP mags for the Tokarev and is working well. The 22 TCM’s still are not 100%, but we tested a mod last week that made an improvement (again).  We did modify a Glock lower to take TCM mags, and the 9R feeds out of std Glock mag / lower set ups.

Last night we finished the updated mag latch on our NEW TCM-AR mag adapter. This allows you to run TCM mags in standard AR lowers. The mags are tight in some magwells so you can put the TCM mag in a vise to squeeze it in, or put some well placed file clearance in your AR magwell, choice is yours.

350 Legend! Nice round and have done a couple so far 🙂

If you have a special project we would be honored to confidentially assist in any way that we can and have NDA’s ready.

Welcome to the REVARLUTION!

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