UPDATE: 7/9/22

We got hacked! Sorry for the problem and delays in emails, but hopefully we are back. That’s the good news.

As those who we’ve talked with, we are swamped with other shop work and the ARG side is suffering. We are working on the current back log and trying to stock up on blanks so we can start taking ARG orders again, so please stay tuned.

God Bless

Email: tim@thearguy.com     Not taking orders at this time

Phone: 231-233-0839  call 7pm-10pm weekdays  or  9am – 9pm on weekends. If you call during the weekday, please leave a msg or I won’t know what calls are real and need to be returned.

Gotten two calls from users saying the Pmag conversions not feeding well. My new mags are having the same issue so we are digging into that. Don’t know if they changed something or not but not having a reliable mag doesn’t work well.

If you have a special project we would be honored to confidentially assist in any way that we can and have NDA’s ready.

Welcome to the REVARLUTION!

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