UPDATE: 10mm blanks due 5/27/21…. they say they are shipping !

Out of stock on blanks.

Upper receivers, bcgs, and handguards are dribbling in, but no extras on hand.

Blank prices have jumped and availability is down. Expect higher prices and longer lead times. Shipping prices continue to go up as well.

Email: tim@thearguy.com     This is the only way we take orders

Phone: 231-233-0839  call 7pm-10pm weekdays  or  9am – 9pm on weekends. If you call during the weekday, please leave a msg or I won’t know what calls are real and need to be returned.

Our new dedicated mags have replaced the need for the adapters and have Bolt Hold Open features.

We are building custom AR  mags for the M1Carbine, 357 ARmag, 357 Magnum, 9mm Magnum, 10mm Mag, and 45 Win Mag.

For the TCM and 357 Sig gas uppers we recommend the new CMMG 9mm PMag conversion. Works great with TCM and Sig uppers!

If you have a special project we would be honored to confidentially assist in any way that we can and have NDA’s ready.

Welcome to the REVARLUTION!

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