357’s Come to the AR!

We literally pulled the trigger on our new 357 AR’s. The 357 AMag (357 Magnum Rimless) and the 357 Amax (357 Maximum Rimless

357a Cases are formed from a multi step process from 5.56 brass for both the 357 AMax and 357 AMag.

We did a pistol for the AMag

357d with a 10″ barrel and pistol port gas system.

For the AMax, we went with a carbine barrel and gas system.

357x We are working on load data so stay tuned!

1/2/18: New for 2018 is BRASS! Starline got us some “blank” 556 virgin brass that has not been necked down. Now all we have to do is trim, prep, and load! Thank you Starline!!!!!!


Dies & Reamers

Have you ever needed a custom die or reamer, or tired of waiting 3 – 6 months for that new set? Heavy Metal has made a few of its own custom chamber reamers and die sets and we are going after improving this set up for you. I have a set of custom reamers that I have been waiting for over 6 months now and enough is enough. The drawings were already completed so we took matters into our own hands and turned out a set of chamber and sizing reamers.  From that set of reamers we made the custom sizing and seating dies. Now it’s time to reload!

Reamer1 custom profile tool steel

reamer5 hardened and ground for cutting


22 Caliber AR’s

We just finished our new 22 TCM carbine upper! This is a gas or DI gun running an adjustable gas block in the pistol port location. Test rounds are with 11gr of H110 under a Speer 40 gr Varminter bullet. Quick Load predicts about 2350 fps from a 16″ barrel for this mild load so we’ll post more development as we get further down the road.  The 22 TCM now gives us another 22 caliber round to go with the 22 Reeds Express and the 22 UZ.

Update: 3/15/16: We ran two loads for the new 22 TCM and I am happy to report we have a 3000 fps round on our hands! Using 12gr on Lil Gun and 12.5 gr of H110 we hit over 3000 fps on the chronograph using the 40 gr Speer Varmint bullet. Those lighter bullets should pick us up a few more but 3000 ain’t bad. Our next move is to run some 62gr SS109 bulk bullets out of M1 Carbine mags and see how they do. The 22 Reeds Express handles them fine so I expect the TCM to do the same.

Uppers are in stock and ready to go!


We are expanding!

You will be seeing some changes to the Revarlution and Heavy Metal websites in the coming future. We have streamlined our operation and will be updating our web content to match. Most of this will be due to our new AR Pistol line and associated blow back designed cartridges, the 22 UZ and the 30 Slug’r. and are two of your working name websites as we move forward. All searches will lead here so try them out.




A couple of years ago I bought a 6PPC barrel off the arfcom equipment exchange. I put together a rifle, but never did anything with it. I asked by Bench Rest brother to check it out for me but the 1:12 twist rate was not what he wanted to mess with. So he chambered one of his 1:14 barrels and said here ya go. Being afflicted with BRD, I did what anyone else would do, built two guns. A Shooter, with the unknown 1:12 barrel, and the Match, one of Bro’s special 6mm barrels. Let the games begin! We fire formed some Sako cases for the Shooter and loaded up 23.5 gr of AA2230 powder with Sierra 100gr SP with an OAL of 2.185″. Our initial test was at 80 yards and we easily got sub 1/2″ groups with most holes touching and multiple hole in hole shots. Now that we know it goes bang we are going to re-cut the crown, check the gas port size and see if we can tone it down a bit, then, put a decent trigger in. Stay tuned….