22TCM – AR Magazines

We are very pleased to announce our new 22TCM – AR pattern magazines! Finally, a reliable magazine that works with the full size 22TCM. We have been working on this for a very long time and have invested heavily in product development.

Our new mags currently have an 18 round capacity and we are looking at increasing that in our next batch. The mags looks like any standard AR mag and work well with the factory TCM. We started off with a used 3D printer I picked up and said,”I wonder if I can print one of these?”

After about 4 revs we found a print that fit and started to modify it for the TCM. Not happy with the design, we updated our 3D cad system and started from scratch and the 22TCM-AR mag was born.

Trying different materials and refinements, it didn’t take long to get a smooth running mag system for the factory rounds. Once we did that, we made a new version for those reloaders who want to use real bullets in their TCM’s!

We now offer TCM mags for Factory rounds, Mid length reloads, and Long reloads. We have mags in stock starting at $50 so get into the action today!

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