AR Pistol

Here is our truly pistol version AR uppers. Using Patent Pending engineered designs we have eliminated the buffer tube so you can have a true AR Pistol. Pistol caliber only.

New "No Buffer" AR Pistols

New “No Buffer” AR Pistols

As you can see we have eliminated the buffer tube for a true AR Pistol. This is for all the 9mm blow back owners out there that don’t have any caliber options. Using your stock parts we can offer pistol kits in Tokarev, 10mm, and 9mm that all use your Colt or Uzi mags and adapters.  Conversions are also available for the Glock mag style lower for other caliber options.  Call for pricing and availability! 231-233-0839 or email to

This is our Gen1 system and people have asked for a shorter barrel version, so we have started R&D on the Gen2 system

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