Welcome to the Revarlution FAQ Page.

If you have a specific question you do not see entered here please contact us.

1. What is Revarlution? Revarlution Design is a branch of Heavy Metal Group, Inc. I wanted to separate the AR products from the heavy fab side of the business to give specific space to these products.  Because of some confusion in the Revarlution name, we are simply going back with the Heavy Metal brand and updating as required.

2. How do we contact you? You can use info@revarlution.com; getit@heavymetalco.com; or call us at 231-233-0839.

3. What style of adapters do you make? Currently our only true magazine adapter is the new TCM-AR adapter. Our dedicated AR pistol mags are less expensive and feature the last round bolt hold open that the adapters did not, so we have not made any Tokarev or M1 adapters in a while.

4. What are your adapters made of? Our adapters are cnc machined from billet 6061 aluminum.


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