We are expanding!

You will be seeing some changes to the Revarlution and Heavy Metal websites in the coming future. We have streamlined our operation and will be updating our web content to match. Most of this will be due to our new AR Pistol line and associated blow back designed cartridges, the 22 UZ and the 30 Slug’r. and are two of your working name websites as we move forward. All searches will lead here so try them out.




A couple of years ago I bought a 6PPC barrel off the arfcom equipment exchange. I put together a rifle, but never did anything with it. I asked by Bench Rest brother to check it out for me but the 1:12 twist rate was not what he wanted to mess with. So he chambered one of his 1:14 barrels and said here ya go. Being afflicted with BRD, I did what anyone else would do, built two guns. A Shooter, with the unknown 1:12 barrel, and the Match, one of Bro’s special 6mm barrels. Let the games begin! We fire formed some Sako cases for the Shooter and loaded up 23.5 gr of AA2230 powder with Sierra 100gr SP with an OAL of 2.185″. Our initial test was at 80 yards and we easily got sub 1/2″ groups with most holes touching and multiple hole in hole shots. Now that we know it goes bang we are going to re-cut the crown, check the gas port size and see if we can tone it down a bit, then, put a decent trigger in. Stay tuned….



Greetings from the Heavy Metal Group and thanks for visiting our new website. The AR is a special platform and we wanted to give it its own space for products and information. We are just a small piece of the AR pie and I would personally like to thank every one of our loyal customers who have made this possible. Thank You!


The 257 ARS is ALIVE

The AR platform is one of the most customized rifles in existence. Caliber changes seem to happen daily and is responsible for our products. There is a limit in the mag fed AR-15 with it’s 2.250” OAL and this has resulted in many wildcats for the platform. The 250 SS started life as a 250 Savage cut down to fit the AR mag limit of 2.250” with a 117gr bullet. We shortened a set of 250 Savage dies, formed cases using 7.62×39 brass, and fire formed in our short chambered 1:10 twist barrel. Performance so far is over 2600 fps with the 100 gr Sierra SPBT and there is still some room to go. Dave Manson is making us a new reamer and we will offer barrels and die sets for the 250 SS as soon as we have them available.

With our new reamer we have updated our chambers and had Die Sets made for the new 257 ARS. Performance is very good for this round and we are always updating our load data.

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