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Have you ever needed a custom die or reamer, or tired of waiting 3 – 6 months for that new set? Heavy Metal has made a few of its own custom chamber reamers and die sets and we are going … Continue reading

We just finished our new 22 TCM carbine upper! This is a gas or DI gun running an adjustable gas block in the pistol port location. Test rounds are with 11gr of H110 under a Speer 40 gr Varminter bullet. … Continue reading

You will be seeing some changes to the Revarlution and Heavy Metal websites in the coming future. We have streamlined our operation and will be updating our web content to match. Most of this will be due to our new … Continue reading

A couple of years ago I bought a 6PPC barrel off the arfcom equipment exchange. I put together a rifle, but never did anything with it. I asked by Bench Rest brother to check it out for me┬ábut the 1:12 … Continue reading