22 Caliber AR’s

We just finished our new 22 TCM carbine upper! This is a gas or DI gun running an adjustable gas block in the pistol port location. Test rounds are with 11gr of H110 under a Speer 40 gr Varminter bullet. Quick Load predicts about 2350 fps from a 16″ barrel for this mild load so we’ll post more development as we get further down the road.  The 22 TCM now gives us another 22 caliber round to go with the 22 Reeds Express and the 22 UZ.

Update: 3/15/16: We ran two loads for the new 22 TCM and I am happy to report we have a 3000 fps round on our hands! Using 12gr on Lil Gun and 12.5 gr of H110 we hit over 3000 fps on the chronograph using the 40 gr Speer Varmint bullet. Those lighter bullets should pick us up a few more but 3000 ain’t bad. Our next move is to run some 62gr SS109 bulk bullets out of M1 Carbine mags and see how they do. The 22 Reeds Express handles them fine so I expect the TCM to do the same.

Uppers are in stock and ready to go!

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