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The true 357 Magnum AR is here. We have been doing 35 caliber ARs for a number of years from our 35ARem to the rimless versions of the 357 Magnum, Maximum, and now the 350 Legend. But there was not … Continue reading

The new 22 TCM magazine adapter is here! Working hard on getting production set up. $100 ea. 22 TCM magazine adapter

Hey All, As some of you know, my work has me all over and for the last couple of years, based away from the shop. Getting back to work on Heavy Metal stuff wasn’t as frequent as we needed. I … Continue reading

We literally pulled the trigger on our new 357 AR’s. The 357 AMag (357 Magnum Rimless) and the 357 Amax (357 Maximum Rimless ┬áCases are formed from a multi step process from 5.56 brass for both the 357 AMax and … Continue reading

Have you ever needed a custom die or reamer, or tired of waiting 3 – 6 months for that new set? Heavy Metal has made a few of its own custom chamber reamers and die sets and we are going … Continue reading