357’s Come to the AR!

We literally pulled the trigger on our new 357 AR’s. The 357 AMag (357 Magnum Rimless) and the 357 Amax (357 Maximum Rimless

357a Cases are formed from a multi step process from 5.56 brass for both the 357 AMax and 357 AMag.

We did a pistol for the AMag

357d with a 10″ barrel and pistol port gas system.

For the AMax, we went with a carbine barrel and gas system.

357x We are working on load data so stay tuned!

1/2/18: New for 2018 is BRASS! Starline got us some “blank” 556 virgin brass that has not been necked down. Now all we have to do is trim, prep, and load! Thank you Starline!!!!!!

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