The 257 ARS is ALIVE

The AR platform is one of the most customized rifles in existence. Caliber changes seem to happen daily and is responsible for our products. There is a limit in the mag fed AR-15 with it’s 2.250” OAL and this has resulted in many wildcats for the platform. The 250 SS started life as a 250 Savage cut down to fit the AR mag limit of 2.250” with a 117gr bullet. We shortened a set of 250 Savage dies, formed cases using 7.62×39 brass, and fire formed in our short chambered 1:10 twist barrel. Performance so far is over 2600 fps with the 100 gr Sierra SPBT and there is still some room to go. Dave Manson is making us a new reamer and we will offer barrels and die sets for the 250 SS as soon as we have them available.

With our new reamer we have updated our chambers and had Die Sets made for the new 257 ARS. Performance is very good for this round and we are always updating our load data.

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